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I was introduced to Organo in 2013 by my husband. He had a really cool experience with this coffee and he wasn’t told that the coffee had a health component so he had no idea that morning what he was about to experience. Halfway to work he pulled over and he called his friend Stephen, the guy that introduced him to the coffee and said “what the heck is in this coffee?” and Steven said “why do you ask?” and that’s when guy said “well I feel like I could run the rest of the way to work!” He immediately called me and said “you have to try that coffee!” Well I tried the yellow packet and actually made it wrong! I added creamer which it already had creamer in it so it didn’t taste that great. However I did notice feeling very energized all day!

So my husband told me I needed to go learn more about this coffee and what makes it so special. I went to Dr. Bob and Kelly’s house on a Saturday and didn’t really want to go…little did I realize I would learn about some amazing things that day! Dr. Bob is a natural medicine doctor in our area that has been helping people with their health for over 30 years and he was using the the Organo Ganoderma in his practice and seeing amazing results with his patients. They shared a couple stories with me that day. One of them hit me like a ton of bricks because it was about a cancer patient that was going through chemo and radiation and the Ganoderma coffee and supplements were helping her to maintain her health while she was going through these medical treatments. She didn’t suffer from fatigue, she wasn’t getting sick, she just was feeling great while they’re putting chemo and radiation into her system, as they were telling me this I got extremely upset and angry because they didn’t know this but a year before this meeting I lost my mom to cancer! I watched the drugs poison her body and turn her into someone I barely recognized and the thing is my mom drank coffee all day long!

I asked Kelly “why didn’t anyone tell my mom about this coffee” and of course she said “well they’ve been studying this herb for 30 plus years and there’s studies all over pubmed. She just wasn’t introduced because she didn’t go to someone that teaches or promotes health like a holistic natural medicine doctor, she’s not gonna hear about it in the conventional world of medicine so it’s up to us to share it with people so that way they know about it” That was the day I decided I had to share this because people needed to know simple ways to impact their health and I know there’s a lot of people struggling in that department and mostly everyone drinks coffee!

My personal testimonial I lost 10 pounds just switching my coffee habit and i used to deal with stomach issues and saw many gastrointestinal doctors that never had a solution for me. This coffee addressed my digestive track took away many of the things that used to take me away from having fun with my family! I love Organo products and hope you will love them too!

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